Integrating an insurance MBE into your growth and diversity hiring plans in 2021

As retail insurance agencies develop plans for their 2021 growth and diversity hiring, might a partnership or minority buy-in with an insurance agency MBE (Minority Business Enterprises) make sense for your firm? At The Rogan Group, Inc. (Risk & Insurance Management Recruiting) we noticed this trend with a number of the Top 100 retail insurance agencies to date. Check out these two tactics for implementing this strategy.

What is the “New Normal” when working from home?

As we transition into 2021, the new work normal is just starting to emerge. Will home offices be the norm or will we return to the pre-Covid office structure?

The answer most likely lies somewhere in the middle. A recent poll conducted by the BBC of 5,000 office workers, found that 72% would enjoy a hybrid role that allowed for days at the office as well as days working from home.

With that in mind here are some tips to help your home office team stay sharp.

10 Deadly Sins of Talent Management

10 Deadly Sins of Talent Management 

Whether you are a 10,000+ corporate giant, or a 5 person start-up, how your leadership manages talent can have a direct effect on the productivity level of your firm. Make sure to avoid the following 10 deadly sins to make sure your team is ready for success.

Pick the right search firm.

Pick the Right Search Firm

You are an independent insurance agency owner faced with today’s grow or perish “environment”. You understand that to succeed in this market, you must attract, recruit, and retain the top employee talent available. The end result is that you are working with an executive search firm to locate a producer, chief financial officer, or other top-level position, and you find yourself wondering, how do I manage the relationship?

Take the Test

Take the Test

You’re an independent insurance agency owner and you want to grow. You can acquire another company and merge that into your present firm, or you can hire another producer. Now you must ask yourself … how does your agency look to potential recruits?

The High Cost of Treating Job Seekers Poorly

6 Tips for a Positive Interview Process

A positive experience by a prospect, even if they are not interviewed or hired, can go a long way in creating a positive impact value on the employer’s reputation

Using Deferred Compensation Plans to Attract Insurance Producers

Using Deferred Compensation Plans to Attract Insurance Producers

Are you thinking about hiring producers for your insurance agency? Are you worried about the return on investment and whether they will stay long enough to recoup that initial investment? A Deferred Compensation Plan tailored to the producer might help attract that top talent and also act as “golden handcuffs” to keep them long term and to eventually transition the book within the firm.