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Top Ten Attributes of Successful Insurance Agency Producers

 - according to a recent study by Reagan Consulting on Producer Recruiting and Development.

1. Drive – dedication, perseverance, eagerness, high energy and aggressiveness.

2. Confidence – handles rejection, thick skinned, limited call reluctance.

3. Attitude – teachable, team player, willing to learn, willing to listen, positive outlook.

4. Personal Network – current contacts, credibility in field.

5. Personality – sociability, people skills, community involvement.

6. Communication skills – ability to talk, write and listen.

7. Work Ethic – willing to do what it takes, to do their part and then some, outwork others.

8. Competitive -  does not like getting beat, willing to scrap, does not give up.

9. Intelligence – knowledge, common sense and street smarts.

10. Patience – willing to take the time to learn the business, willing to learn the technical side of the business/industry.