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The Hiring Process - Planning for Growth and Profit

As a leading national recruiter to the insurance agency/brokerage industry not a working day passes without being asked about recruiting, hiring and keeping quality producers, sales leaders or practice leaders.

Over the next few weeks, we will send out three email newsletters that speak to this topic. The information presented comes from discussions with Top 100 brokers (Business Insurance) and have been reinforced by third party sources including the Harvard Business Review (2011).

The three emails newsletters will include:

  • Finding key people to drive agency growth.
  • Retaining key employees.
  • The hiring process and use of recruiters.

Here are 10 ideas on how successfully complete the hiring process and bring in the right person in a key position.   During the final interview:

  • Be sure you confirm the position responsibilities, goals and objectives.
  • Reinforce the qualities of your firm and what can be the rewards for success in the position.  
  • Ask questions during the final interview process so that no doubts linger about the opportunity with your firm.    
  • Ask questions of the candidate so you can clarify his or her objectives in a career change and can reconfirm there is a fit with your position objectives and your culture.
  • Clarify support for the candidate’s career objectives and senior management mentoring.   
  • Indicate the timeline to bring the candidate into the organization and the process.
  • Ask the candidate to commit to a change subject to a  formal offer letter being presented
  • Immediately prepare your formal offer letter and focus on the total monetary value of the compensation package PLUS intangibles.
  • Keep the offer letter simple but clear as to any validation plan, methodology or basis of bonus calculations and how book or firm equity can be earned.
  • Ask that the offer letter be returned within a specific period

The right recruiter that specializes in the brokerage industry can help you through the entire search, interview and offer process and:

  1. Go beyond the social media sites and get to those outstanding successful brokers and producers who are not looking for a change but may be enticed to look at an opportunity.
  2. Through an understanding and specialization in the agency/brokerage business the right recruiter finds and qualifies those professionals with specific industry group or technical expertise.
  3. Reach professional and successful brokers and producers that will not respond to your direct calls, posted positions or job boards.
  4. Minimize the cost of an open position, possible lost business or lost revenue opportunities by using a recruiter committed to agency/brokerage industry.

  To discuss any of the points in length, please feel free to call Neil Huson, EVP, The Rogan Group at 520-546-1484 or Dan Rogan at 800-440-0082